A CIP Inspections property inspection puts you in control, gives you knowledge, and provides you with options prior to buying, selling or renting. You need an expert, on your side, to help you make one of the biggest decisions in your life — buying your family’s home or selling/renting one of your largest assets.

Why have a home/ property inspected?

Real Estate is usually the largest personal investment most people will ever make and a decision that will affect them for years to come. Far too many people make this purchase without knowing the condition of the home or property they’re buying or selling. A thorough investigation of the property, by an educated and knowledgeable inspector, is the first step to an informed buying decision. That is why a professionally conducted inspection by CIP Inspections is the smart way to protect your investment.n
A thorough home inspection of the property, conducted by a professionally trained home inspector, can help you identify faulty systems, defective or damaged building components, health and safety issues, and determine the quality of the home and component installations. All of this can help you make informed decision and assist in the negotiating process.